Place 33 – Day 4: Ubud – Black Sand Beach & A Waterfall

We had breakfast and rented a bike again and went to the beach!

This beach took us about 45 minutes to an hour to get to on the scooter, but it was nice and simple! 

We got to the beach and it was a black sanded beach! Curtis had never seen it before and it was fascinating to him. This beach was near enough empty, so we just had a stroll around it for a while. 

We are pretty sure we burned our feet due to the sand being incredibly hot! 

After we finished at the beach Curtis decided he wanted to try and ride the Scooter and it was not hugely successful! Curtis decided it wasn’t a great idea, so Kim rode again!

We left the beach and went to try and find a waterfall as we had seen a few on the way.

After many, many wrong turns and stops, we found a sign for a waterfall, though technically a different one then we planned to go to! 

We went into the waterfall and it was beautiful! The water was a little dirty but it was an incredible scene. There was a much larger waterfall then we expected, followed by a nice river at the bottom which we could wonder around. We got some great photos! 

We got back to our accommodation and relaxed for a little bit by and in the pool. 

Once we got hungry, we went to find some food. We didn’t want to go to the same place, so we found a place about 10-15 minutes ride away and went there. The food was delicious and a great price! Kim had fried chicken with coconut and curry sauce and Curtis had marinated chicken with Balinese spices. It was a great dinner! 

We left here and popped to a supermarket on the way back to get some dessert and then got back to the villa, bought a beer and booked our taxi for tomorrow night!

We are leaving at 20:00 tomorrow to get to the airport as we have a flight early morning! We are excited for our next location!

Selemat Tinggal!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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