Place 33 – Day 3: Ubud – Monkey Forest

We woke a little earlier, had breakfast and got ready to head out. 

We rented a scooter for a crazy cheap price (about just over £2!) And off we went. Kim took the reigns with this one as she has the experience. It was a pretty easy journey and we were able to arrive at the optimum time without being rained on! 

We had to go through a tiny little street which went through the forest and to another carpark where we parked up and entered the forest. 

There were an abundance of monkeys! There are over 700 there which is obvious as they are everywhere! 

The scenery itself was beautiful. There were rivers and large trees, vines for the monkeys to swing on and old and still used temples. 

A monkey seemed facinated with Kim and proceeded to try and feed from her, which was an interesting experience! 

Curtis was jumped on by monkey and was worried that it would attack his glasses, but it just sat there on his shoulder. 

We spent a while here, enjoying the scenery and monkeys and then left. 

We went to a supermarket just down the road to pick up supplies. We got a drink and an ice cream before we left to come back home. 

We were rained on a little on the way back, but not too much that it caused any problems. 

We got back and relaxed a little as we were apparently very tired! We then had to decide what to do for dinner and seen as there aren’t many places close by and it was raining profusely, we decided upon our normal location. We started with bruschetta to share and then Kim had a pizza and Curtis had sweet and sour chicken with rice. Kim then finished off with a banana split.

It was a bit wet when we finished dinner. There was definitely a thunderstorm happening! 

We got back to our room before all power cut out, we assume it was due to the rain. 

Selemat Tinggal!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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