Place 33 – Day 2: Ubud – Wind Down 

We had a nice long sleep and woke up at 10:30 for breakfast. Breakfast is just a few steps, just past the pool, from our room. We each got a plate of fruit, Kim had a pancake and Curtis had egg with toast. It was presented very nicely and was tasty! Can’t complain for our view at breakfast either! 

We did absolutely nothing in the morning, just did some research and watched some TV. It was the plan to just relax after the hustle and bustle of the cities we had visited and being non stop. Kim went for a little wade in the pool and we sat around there for a while, enjoying the surprisingly sunny day. 

For dinner, we went to the closes and seemingly only restaurant nearby, the same as we went to yesterday. 

We ordered spring rolls to start and then Kim had Crispy duck with rice and Curtis had what was basically a chicken and vegetable soup but it was delicious! 

After dinner, we got a beer each (for just £1.61 for a large bottle!) And chilled out on the porch with a nice relaxed view again! 

Everyone around us here and on the street are very welcoming and up for a chat or a ‘hello’ even though they don’t really speak English. It’s a really nice, relaxed atmosphere. 

We think we will be doing something exciting tomorrow! 

Selemat Tinggal! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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