Place 33 – Day 1: Ubud ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฉ – Delayed Flight & Free Beer!


We luckily didn’t have to wake up early for a flight today, unlike the last few flights! 

We checked out at 12:00 and walked to the tube station to catch our tube and then a second to arrive at the airport. We arrived at Terminal 3 and had to get the shuttle train to terminal 1, where we were flying from. 

We arrived all well and good and proceeded to our check in area. Using the machine, Kim was able to check-in fine, but it wouldn’t work for Curtis so he had to get it done manually. We dropped our bags and went through the first sent of passport and boarding pass checks, followed by another passport check and fingerprint check!

We got to the other side and found out that the main security check (bags etc) was at each individual gate and not in one location. This means that we were not able to buy a drink and take it through! 

We found Subway and ate that near our gate, before we got a bit bored and went for a walk. As we were walking, we relised we really wanted a beer, but it was ยฃ11 per beer so no thank you! Shortly after this, we see a booth from ‘Stella Artois’ and we jokingly say ‘would be great if we got free beer’! Low and behold, we did! Only 5 people at a time can and we got the just 5 minutes before! We hit the button and the side of the booth opened and there was a bar, a barlady & beer! We both got a free half pint and met some great people there. We met an American man, one man traveling to Hong Kong and another from Malaysia. We all stood and had some drinks whilst chatting until we realised we needed to go to our flight, so off we went! 

๐Ÿ‘Beer friends! ๐Ÿ‘

We got to the gate only to find out it had been delayed for 15 minutes! We chilled around the area for a bit and then were let into the security and the gate area. Whilst waiting, we noticed that we were delayed again, a total delay of 30 minutes. 

We boarded the plane eventually and then didn’t take off for another 45 minutes or so! By this point, we had both already fallen asleep a few times.

The flight took 2 hours or so and we eventually arrived in Bali!

We were met by our driver who was very lovely and taken to our hotel which was about 1 hour or so away. We are very secluded and have a beautiful room on the bottom floor! This is a homestay rather than a hotel, so similar to a BnB but it is very beautiful! We have a front porch right near the pool and a balcony! It’s great! 

We came into our room and then were asked if we wanted some food, we obviously said yes and went down the road with the owner who took us to the local restaurant. This restaurant was beautiful and very, very cheap! For just ยฃ4.60, Kim has spaghetti Bolognese and Curtis had friend noodles with chicken and egg. Both were pretty tasty! This along with 2 drinks was that cheap price! Think we can deal with this..

Now we are very ready to get some sleep in and breakfast is until 11:00 so that means a lay in! 


Selemat Tinggal!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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