Place 32 – Day 2: Singapore – Singaporean Coffee, Temple, Cinema & Nightime Marina

We woke up at 09:30 for breakfast. The breakfast was the usual toast with jam & coffee. It does the job! 

We researched some places that Kim wanted to go, such as the botanical gardens, but unfortunately they were closed. 

We found a cool looking temple we wanted to go to so we got ready and walked towards that. On the way, Curtis spotted a Singaporean coffee shop which made traditional coffee. The prices were cheap and so we stopped, even though we were boiling hot! 

The coffee was very tasty and Kim had a nice hot chocolate with condensed milk. The coffee here tastes very sweet, which makes sense as it is brewed using sugar coated coffee beans. 

Just down the road was the temple we planned to visit, so in we went! It was beautiful both inside and outside, but much different to other temples we had visited. It didn’t seem much like others we had visited though was still in use, even though there was a museum a floor up which was actually quite informative. 

We finished at the temple and came back to the hostel to start to think about what to have for dinner. unfortunately, the main Singaporean food is ‘chicken and rice’ which we are pretty fed up with now, so western food it was! We had a domino’s which was quite cheap! Kim unfortunately had a horrible base sauce on hers which was a cheesy/garlicy mixture. 

After dinner, we walked to the cinema as we had booked to watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle! We paid just £10 for 2 people and we got ‘couple seats’ which were basically normal ones but with an arm rest missing in the middle. 

After the cinema (the film was really good, by the way!) We walked back to the marina, which we went to yesterday, and wanted to see it at night. It was beautiful! 

We tried to get up to the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel and see the amazing view (from the 57th floor) but there were 3 towers and, having gone up 1 & 2, it was the 3rd we could get the best view. We went to the top of the 3rd tower and got some photos from the restaurant there whilst we could! 

We eventually left here and headed back, stopping in McDonald’s for a drink then came back to the hostel to get some sleep before we leave tomorrow! Luckily, we don’t need to leave the hostel until around 12:00 tomorrow so not an early morning finally! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

3 Replies to “Place 32 – Day 2: Singapore – Singaporean Coffee, Temple, Cinema & Nightime Marina”

  1. Your Nan Uncle Ian and I went to see Kingsman last week enjoyed it looks like you are having a great time. Keep enjoying yourselves enjoying your daily blog. Love to both xxxx

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