Place 31 – Day 4: Kuala Lumpur – Botanical Gardens, Heli Lounge & Nandos

We had breakfast with some people from the hostel and then they had to get ready to head to the F1, so we thought getting ready was also a good idea. Curtis showered, but then we got relaxed and forgot to leave! We did a little research into future endeavours and then eventually left the hostel. 

We went towards the botanical gardens which was about a 40 minute walk. Today was very warm so we made sure we stopped for a drink! 
Once we got to the park we didn’t want to do all of it, but we found a part of it which was meant to house deer. There were a few but they were quarantined for some reason, so they weren’t wandering freely. 

The park itself was absolutely beautiful and very tranquil. We spent a little bit of time just sitting in silence, until a family came in and ruined it, so that was our cue to leave! We looked around the botanical gardens a little bit too, but it was 90% just a river/lake.

We left here and went to the main train sratjon, KL Sentral, where Kim looked for (and got) some clothes she was looking for. 

It was too hot and we were too lazy to walk, so we took a metro back to the hostel. 

We had plans to go with some people to a skybar, but they weren’t back from the F1 so we went ourselves. This was called ‘Heli Lounge’ and it was purely a helipad with a bar. The staff were pretty frantic but it was good to see the incredible view! 

Yesterday, we saw Nando’s in a mall so thought that was perfect for dinner! We went there for a chicken burger each, but unfortunately the service wasn’t great. The food was alright! 

We now need to do some packing and may go out and watch some base jumping tonight, but this all depends. We are leaving nice and early in the morning to get to the airport (04:00) so we need some sleep! 

Selamat tinggal!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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