Kuala Lumpur

Place 31 – Day 3: Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves, Malay Food & Rooftop Bar 

Today, we had breakfast with a lot of people we met in the hostel. We had all kinds of nationalities! We had Iranian/British, British, Dutch, Swedish & American!

We spent a couple of hours having breakfast and just chatting about stuff and things. Curtis got a free coffee for submitting a review and that was tasty!

We finally showered and got ready to leave and we went with Sepehr who we met at the hostel. We went to Batu Caves, which meant we had to take 2 trains on the metro totaling about 40 minutes and then we had a short walk to the temple and cave area.

There were a lot of monkeys around, along with a lot of religious statues and temples. We went to the start of the caves and there are a LOT of stairs! We were encouraged to take up a bucket of sand to help with renovations, as all tourists are asked, so we thought ‘why not?’…The answer to that is ‘it burns’…



We got to the top of the stairs and looked around the cave there..whilst sweating profusely. There wasn’t much to see here, but it was fairly cool! Kim got some photos with monkeys too, which was awesome!

We went to the next caves down which were not free, but only about £6. We had to have a tour guide and they were completely pitch black. So much so that when the guide turned off her torch, we were actually unable to even see our hands in front of our faces! It was pretty difficult to get any good photos due to the darkness, but we got a few!

Millipede or Centipede…who knows!
There is a couple of spiders on here..🕷

We left the caves and then went back to KL sentral, which is a big train station and mall. We went to look for some food and after looking for a bit, we found a place that served Malay food for £2.60 which included the meal, a curry pasty (not the Malay name!) And a drink! Crazy good price. The food was spicy chicken and rice with a few sides. There was the spicy chilli & shrimp paste sauce with some crackers (like poppadoms) as well as some dried battered fish & peanuts. It was a really good meal and the curry pasty was awesome!

We got some doughnuts for later for dessert because it was £0.80 for 2 per person so can’t complain!

We got an uber with Sepehr to a 4.5* hotel which has a rooftop pool and bar, but it was around £8 for entry so we quickly said no and waited for Sepehr to come back out. Whilst we waited, another person from our hotel, Leah, was waiting outside so we met with her and walked around the KLCC for a bit as well as in the mall.

We got some cool photos and then decided to go back to the hostel. We got back and then we relaxed before Sepehr had to go to the airport to head to Vietnam. We got an invite from Kris & Leo (a Brit and a swede) to come to a rooftop bar just opposite our hostel. The drinks weren’t a bad price so we went for a drink and played a couple of games of beer pong. Curtis and 2 different partners but won both games…So it must have been because of him! 😉

Beer pong! 🍺

We got to bed around 01:00 and we have no idea what the plan is for tomorrow, so we will have to see then!

Selamat tinggal!
– Mr & Mrs Hale

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