Place 31 – Day 2: Kuala Lumpur – Canopy Walk, Merdeka Square, Cooking, Little India, Jalan Alor & Chinatown

We again didn’t really have plans for today, so we got up for breakfast because that is a good start! We just had toast for breakfast and some coffee.

We left the hostel and had a few hours before we had a cooking class, so we went to a forest which is oddly located within the centre of the city. This included a canopy walk, which was really the only reason we went there. It was beautiful and very relaxing…though warm!

We finished this was and then came back to the hostel to find our way to a square. This square was nice but very touristy. There was big old buildings and a lovely mosque!

We went back to the hostel as we had paid for a cooking class. The cooking class was great! We didn’t do much of it ourselves, but it was great fun!

We had a noodle dish similar to a Pad Thai, a homemade chilli sauce which was HOT and then some Malaysian fried chicken, which was delicious!

We met some people doing this course and we went out for a walk with two of them! We went to little India to start with and it wasn’t great, so we found some other places to go! We went to Jalan Alor which is a street food street which was interesting. Most of it was Thai or Chinese food, but we stopped for a drink and then some of us got some food.


Chinatown was close so we thought that we may as well go! Chinatown was basically a big market stall, but with very few Chinese people! We had some fun bartering for things we didn’t even want, just for the fun of it!

We had great fun just walking around, having conversations with the new people we met and eating some very tasty food!

We got back and just chilled with our new friends just having conversations. All good fun!

Selamat tinggal!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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