Place 30 – Day 6: Patong – TV Chill Day

We have something awesome planned for tomorrow and due to the rain, we thought that we would just have a chilled, relaxed day. 

We planned to wake up late today, but we were woken by the cleaner wanting to clean the room, which was a little irritating! 

We watched some TV and ate our pain au chocolate for breakfast. 

We relaxed and watched some more TV before we went out to get more money out and then have a coffee again…This is what happens when a coffee shop is so close! 

Curtis had a cappuccino and Kim had a blueberry Italian soda. 

The rain was fairly consistent, so when we eventually went out for dinner, we got rather wet, though we did remember to take rain coats, so that helped a little! We got to the restaurant and we were given a towel to dry off, which was a lovely touch! 

Kim finally got the salad she had been wanting (ceasar) and Curtis had pepper & ginger fried chicken with rice. 

We were actually pretty hungry! We washed this down with a lovely Heineken.

We waited for the rain to stop and then we walked to a supermarket to get breakfast for tomorrow as we are up early! 

We have a busy & exciting day planned for tomorrow, so ensure you give the blog a read! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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