Place 30 – Day 5: Patong – Eating Our Feet? 

We still had some plans, but we are unable to do them due to the weather and therefore not being able to rent a scooter! 

We had breakfast in bed, just some croissants and orange juice, then we went out to find somewhere to get money out without getting charged crazy money! The average charge is about £5.50! 

We were not successful in finding one, so we went to a coffee shop and grabbed a coffee. Kim had a chocolate & mint frappe and Curtis had a cappuccino. 

We left this place and went to a spa where we used their fish spa! We sat and had fish suck off the dead skin from our feet. We did this for 20 minutes and it was a very off sensation! Kim couldn’t stop laughing at the beginning as it tickled! 

We walked to the place we have been a couple of times for dinner as Kim really wanted a salad. Unfortunately, when we got there it was closed, with no reasoning why! Very odd! 
Instead, we walked around and found somewhere we had seen the views for. This place was not too bad and was very cheap, which is a big plus! 

Curtis had a Pad Thai and Kim had a chicken stuffed Thai omelette. The pad Thai was nice but the omelette was just average and not quite enough, so Kim got a cheeseburger from McDonald’s! 

We went to a supermarket after this to get some snacks and breakfast! 

We have plans for Monday, so be sure you check in then! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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