Place 30 – Day 4: Patong – Power Outage & Bangla Road

We woke up, boiling hot and the Aircon wouldn’t turn on! We then noticed that all of the electricity had gone! We went to ask and were told that there was a planned power outage which was communicated with guests…All that they did was put a tiny sign up at reception, which we couldn’t see! 

Due to this, we couldn’t plan anything to do, so we went out for breakfast instead! We went back to the first place we went and had the same food. They still have good food and great coffee! 

We couldn’t find much to do, so we just went for a walk along the beach. 

The weather turned at one point and rained, but not too much. We went for a walk along Bangla road, which is the main party road which has all of the bars on it. Curtis managed to fall over a step and hurt his shoulder, but he’ll survive. 

We got a quick McDonald’s sundae and then went back to the hotel, with a stop at the shop for a beer! 

We sat and had a beer in the lobby and played some card games as the room was far too hot. Speaking of rooms, we moved our room as it was dirty and smelled…This one is much better, though! 

The power came back on and we went back upstairs to chill and then looked for somewhere to eat. We found a place which had good reviews and went there. 

Kim had a club sandwich and Curtis had a green curry. We also shared a beer! 

We finished our food and headed for Bangla road. This road was full of bars with women on poles and people trying to lure you in. Curtis wasn’t a huge fan as people kept trying to get you into their bar and it got frustrating! It was an interesting experience but probably not one for couples! That being said, Kim loved it and wanted to watch all of the women pole dancing! There were also some naughty clubs around which were… interesting.

 We came back out of the hustle and bustle and it started to rain heavy again and then stopped shortly after…There is odd weather here! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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