Place 30 – Day 3: Patong – Cats & Coffee

We weren’t sure what to do today as we woke up to it quite heavily raining outside. We went to the shop to purchase some goods last night, like some croissants for breakfast, so that was breakfast. 

We then went out in the pouring rain to a cat hotel, purely because it was something to do. We were expecting to have to pay, but we didn’t! We thought we would spend a little bit of time there with the cats, but, even though neither of us are really cat people, one of the cats was incredibly cute and wouldn’t leave us alone, so we spent a long time there! 

We left here and it was, somehow, raining much heavier! By the time we got back to the hotel, we were absolutely drenched and needed to dry off and then shower. Unfortunately, for some reason, housekeeping took our towels and didn’t replace them, so we had to get some and stay soaking for a bit! 

We dried off and then went to find a coffee shop. We got to one really close to our hotel and paid a cheap price for a cappuccino for Curtis and a hot chocolate for Kim.

We then had to get some dinner and Kim is still not feeling great, so we went to find some pizza! We couldn’t find the place after trudging around for a bit so we went to find something else. We came to KFC and ordered way too much chicken, but at least we ate! 

We will be trying to do more in the next few days, but the rain is a bit of an issue around here as most of the attractions are beaches! 

Ah well, at least we aren’t working, eh? 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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