Place 28 – Day 4: Karon – Surfing, Pool & Mini Golf

We actually had sun today! The weather has been great all day, so we took advantage of that!


We went to the beach and there were a lot of people, surfing and swimming. Kim really wanted to do some surfing, so she rented a surf board and off she went. She had a great hour surfing, with some pretty crazy waves! She was certainly tired after it and had a lot of sand everywhere! 

Surfer Chick

We walked back up the beach and got back to change. We then went down to the pool as the weather was still nice and did a bit of swimming! 

We then went for some dinner as swimming makes us hungry! 

We went to a place just opposite our hotel which did 3 for 2 beers, so 3 it was! Kim had a yellow curry and Curtis had fried rice with pork. Both were pretty good and cheap! 

After dinner, we went and played some dinosaur mini golf! We had a huge amount of fun doing this, and, although it pains Curtis to say it, Kim won…

There was a volcano that spewed fire, too! 

ðŸ”Ĩ ðŸ”Ĩ

After this we went on the hunt for free SIM cards so we could book a GRAB (similar to UBER) for tomorrow, but to no avail! A taxi it is! 

Kim got an ice cream and now we must pack! We leave this awesome resort tomorrow, but we move onto just as awesome things! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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