Place 28 – Day 2: Karon – Crazy Waves

We woke at 10:00 to have some breakfast. The breakfast is pretty good here. It’s a buffet but there is sausage (chicken, for some reason), ham, egg, toast and of course, coffee! 

It was raining quite a lot this morning, so we were unsure what the day would have in store for us.

We chilled out for a bit before the rain cleared and we decided to head to the beach! We actually have a nice view when the rain clears a little! 

On the way to the beach, we popped into the pool to have a look and see how it is. Kim took the opportunity to have a little wade.

We took the 10 minute stroll to the beach which actually had quite a lot of people on it. There was huge waves which added a lot of entertainment. We both got a little wet due to the unpredictable waves, which was hilarious! We spent a good amount of time just walking down the beach and getting a bit drenched! 

The weather isn’t meant to be great for the next couple of weeks, so we need to replan a little, but all is well! 

We went to the shop on the way back and picked up a cheap bottle of rum because it was cheap…Why not?

We had to wash all of the sand off when we got back, then we went out for dinner! We went to a place that had good reviews, but it wasn’t excellent. Curtis ordered a ‘Rad Na’ which turned out to be a pepper covered bowl of dishwater and Kim had a very spicy but not too tasty and very dry yellow curry. 

On the way back, we heard a loud noise again, which is apparently frogs! We had to ask. They make a very loud noise after rain and we heard it last night and it was stupidly loud. At least we know what it is now! 

Tomorrow is Curtis’ birthday, but we aren’t sure what the plan is yet. Other than breakfast, of course! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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