Place 27 – Day 13: Bangkok – Snake Farm & Street Food

We actually went to the snake farm today! 

We got up early again and made sure we were at the snake farm before 11:00. We got there about 10:50 and just had to wait 10 minutes for a venom extraction show! The snake farm is used both for tourism and also it is ran by the Thai Red Cross who use the venomous snakes for anti venom, which is good. We sat and watched it whilst the said how it works within the snake, when they attack and how. It was very interesting! 

We left the venom extraction and looked around the snakes which were inside. There was a great mix of both venomous and non-venomous snakes around, all of which were different and interesting! 

After we finished in the downstairs part, there was an upstairs which was facts about snakes as well as their venom and some other interesting things like preserved snakes, bones, skin & embryos! 

We got some lunch from nearby ‘FamilyMart’ shop after we looked at the snakes outdoor..including a rather large anaconda! We got a sandwich for Kim, Curtis got a sausage & cheese toastie as we got some other goodies, all of which was cheap! 

We sat and ate our lunch and then went to have a look at the indoor snakes again to pass time whilst waiting for another show at 14:30. We ended up spending a lot of time with a Golden Spitting Cobra which was moving a lot and being entertaining, which is weird as none of the other snakes were really moving much! We sat with the snake for a while, filming & taking photos. 

Next, we got a good seat for the show! It was a snake handling show, where we were told about the snake and how to grab it! There were many different snakes we were shown and they were pretty close to us too! 

At the end, we were able to hold a big Burmese Python which was rather heavy but good fun to hold! The snake was starting to smell curtis’ face, which was concerning! We were about to leave but Kim went back to hold it again…she also tried to steal it! 

We left the snake farm just as it started to rain and we got back just in time. We had showers and then went to a market to get some street food for dinner. For a very small price, we got pork belly, half a chicken & rice! It was tasty! 

We were still a little hungry and we saw a cake stall so we headed over and it was 3 slices for around £2.50, so who can say no?! We got an orange one, a vanilla one and a chocolate one. The orange was by far the best and the vanilla wasn’t great, but they were nice in general and for cheap! 

Tomorrow will mostly be for relaxing and leaving as we leave to the airport on Thursday morning. 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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