Place 27 – Day 12: Bangkok – Well, We Had a Plan…

We planned to get up earlier to get to the Snake Farm today. We woke up a little later then we expected but after breakfast we left and got to the Snake Farm at an optimum time. 

We found out the price and Curtis thought we didn’t have enough money to get in, so we had to walk the 30 minutes back again! 

We were incredibly warm today, so we chilled out, had showers and then went out to exchange money. It was the most efficient money exchange place we’d ever been to! You have to get a number before sitting and waiting for that number. We were in and out before we even sat down! We had a bit of foreign currency, so we thought it made more sense to change it up to Thai Baht. 

We got some lunch and, whilst doing so, Curtis noticed that we actually DID have enough money for the snake farm! This was very funny to us both, though it was nice to have a bit of a relaxed day, too. 

We went for dinner at our favourite place which was delicious as usual! Kim got her Green curry which she loved and Curtis got chicken with cashews which was great! 

Tomorrow will be interesting, hopefully, as we WILL be going to the snake farm…Curtis had triple checked the money and there is enough! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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