Place 27 – Day 11: Chatachuk Market & Muay Thai

We woke up early (for us anyway) to get some breakfast and shower before we needed to leave. We had to take the sky train to get to a market we wanted to walk around. 

The market is meant to be a good one and one of the busiest. It’s meant to be a staple thing to do on weekends, so why not! To be honest though, we thought it was pretty rubbish, though it would come in handy later on! 

The market

We had a plan to go and watch Muay Thai. It is free at a TV Set (which is transformed into a boxing ring) so we made the walk there from the market, which is just across the road. 

We got there but were told that only back, grey or white could be worn due to the mourning of the late king. Curtis was wearing a yellow top…

We therefore had to go back to the market to find a top! After looking for a while, we went to a stall which had 2nd hand t shirts for a very cheap price. Curtis managed to find one there, then we made our way back. We got there around 11:20 with the though that the fights started at 12:00 or 12:30…it did not. The fights didn’t start until 14:15! 

We then tried to find a café, but there werent any good ones, instead we went to the park next to the market and just relaxed there for a while and then went to a cafe for a drink just down the road from the Muay Thai. 

The park 🌲

If you wish to be in ‘standing’ seats for the Muay Thai, you pay nothing! We headed in, not sure what to expect, though it was really incredible! These fighters were the professional fighters that normally fight in arenas and stadiums, but they fight there on Sunday nights instead! We watched around 5 fights with varying weights and all were absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was great, the fighting was brutal and everyone, including us, was getting really into it! The atmosphere throughout the last few fights was insane with people chanting and cheering for anything and everything! We even managed to see 2 knockouts, one of which was a swift elbow to the face, which certainly looked painful! 

There were bookies all around shouting getting people to bet and others betting, this really added to the electric atmosphere. It certainly made it easier as everyone was packed like sardines! 

The incredible venue


After we finished our 5 minutes of fame on Thai TV (the fight was televised!) We were very, very hungry! 

We really wanted a Thai meal, but remembered our favourite restaurant was closed on a Sunday, so we thought we would go to our second favourite…this was also closed! 

This meant that the only possible option was pizza, so we grabbed one from the shop 2 doors down and came back to relax after a long but amazing day! 

We have even more fun things planned for tomorrow!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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