Place 27 – Day 10: Bangkok – Relaxed Lunch, Rooftop Bar & Night Market

We started the day with some lovely fun laundry! Once we hung that out we went to a cafe a couple of doors down for a light snack and just a relax. We were incredibly tired from all the walking around yesterday.

Kim got a waffle with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup and Curtis got what was classed as a big breakfast but was just ham, salad, sausages, eggs and toast but it hit the spot! This came with an orange juice and a coffee, so it was a cappuccino for Curtis! 

We relaxed here for a bit and then we walked to a few nice hotels which have pools to see if we were able to use them and if so, for what price. 

We saw a few but it turns out they are rather expensive to use, so we scrapped that idea, though it was nice just to wander around some lovely big hotels! 

Once we finished walking around all the fancy places, we got back for an escape from the heat and booked accommodation and a flight, which is something we haven’t had to do for a while which was weird. We did feel accomplished though…The small things, eh? 

We made a 30 minute walk to a skybar, which is on the 55th floor of a hotel! Weirdly, we had to stop half way and take another lift up to the 55th floor. 

We arrived to the bar and the view was stunning. We timed it perfectly to get up there just before sunset, so we sat up there whilst it was setting. We were also lucky that we managed to get there for happy hour, which meant we got ‘buy one get one free’ on selected drinks so we got 2 mojitos (it was still £12, mind you!). 

We left here and headed straight to the night market, which has been planned for a few days. We were actually really disappointed with this as it wasn’t very long and was pretty rubbish all around. The funniest thing was all the strip clubs all down the street and all the men trying to get you to buy ‘sex shows’…whatever that means! 

Today was actually another very busy day, and we have another very long and busy day planned tomorrow!   

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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