Place 27 – Day 9: Bangkok – Boat Ride, Grand Palace, Large Temple & The Reclining Buddha

We wanted a ‘temple’ day today, and most of the main temples are in an area about 1 hour walk away.

We set out for the walk, bearing in mind we had to wear appropriate clothing, so Curtis was wearing jeans and shoes and Kim was wearing a skirt, so it was very hot! 

We walked to a pier where we took a taxi boat to get to the area we needed to be in, otherwise it was a long hot walk! Before we got on the boat, we stopped at a café and got a mango soda, followed by a snack from 7-Eleven. 

The boat was pretty crowded but we got a good spot to stand for the few stops we had to go. The boat ride was pretty awesome and cooling! 

Our Taxi Boat

We got to the grand palace after a short walk across the road but before going in Kim was told that having a sarong/scarf around her shoulders was not acceptable so she had to buy a shirt from a nearby stall which was very sexy! 

We walked around the grounds taking photos of the stunning architecture, but the entrance fee was absolutely extortionate, so no entrance for us! 

The grand palace

Instead, we walked down the road to Wat Pho, which is a temple including the giant reclining Buddha. We walked around here for a very long time. It was incredibly warm but also very beautiful. There was a lot of colour from the buildings and statues and the reclining Buddha was absolutely enormous! We went into a large temple and sat on the floor (as it was customary to) and just relaxed for a bit. It was nice and quite as well as a break from the heat. The room was huge! 

Giant reclining Buddha

The temple we sat in

We went back on the boat from here to the stop near Chinatown. We walked through some streets next to China town and went back to our favourite restaurant because it would have been rude not to, being so close and all! 

Curtis got a pad Thai and Kim got a red curry. We got a beer too, because we deserved it after all our walking today! 

Red Curry
Pad Thai

We got back and had long awaited showers before going back out to get a bite of dessert. 

We are very tired now, but it was well worth it today. It was a very long day but we got to see some great architecture. 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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