Place 27 – Day 8: Bangkok – Thai Cooking Class

We had to ensure we were up and out today and no relaxing! We had to be at a SkyTrain station (about 10 stops from where we are staying) by 13:00. Once we got to the station, we ended up having about an hour to kill, so we grabbed a cappuccino from a nearby coffee shop. 


We went back to the meeting point for our Thai cooking class and met our lovely guide who was very kind and we chose what we wanted to cook. We got 5 choices each! 

We then walked around a fruit & vegetable market where we were taught about all of the different vegetables and what they are used for within Thai cooking. 

We were taken down the road to the kitchen! This was a fairly rustic kitchen but it did the job! 

We were setup with all of our required items and we set about following the instructions on what to prepare in what order and how. It was really easy! We got to use a pestle and mortar to crush items into a curry paste, the old fashioned way! Once we prepared everything, we took our things over to the cooking area and cooked it all! 

Curtis ready to use the pestle & mortar
Curtis’ dishes
Kim’s dishes

All of our food was absolutely tasty and we had a 5 course meal, which absolutely stuffed us. We managed to eat most of it though. 

Us in our sexy pinnies!

We finished here and received the recipes from the dishes we made and then we headed back, very full! On the plus side, we didn’t need dinner as we finished around 16:30. 

We took the very busy skytrain back and have been relaxing ever since, other than going out to get an ice cream and we have done a little planning for the rest of the time we have here. 

We had a great day! What great fun it was and some delicious food was made! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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