Place 27 – Day 6: Bangkok – Window Shopping & Western Food

For some reason last night, Curtis was sick, so today’s plans changed. He felt fine when waking up, but as a precaution we though we would have a bit of a relaxed day. 

We walked to a shopping mall which is just down the road to look for some items we need. We spent an hour or two here and then got some lunch at a café! We had an egg, cheese & bacon bagel & a chicken sandwich. 

We finished this and then found another shopping centre which was about 1 hour away. We walked to this shopping centre, slowly, and had a look around. Unfortunately, neither place had anything we were looking for, so we left there and came back to the hostel to relax for a bit. 

We then went out for some dinner and decided that today we wanted a full western food day, so we went to KFC for some food! 

On the way back, Kim slipped a little and her flip flop broke, so now it is a hunt for flip flops before we do anything tomorrow! 

Other than this, we haven’t done too much today, but we have some fun plans for the next couple of days! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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