Place 27 – Day 5: Bangkok – Lumpini Park & Free Mojito Class

We wanted to do something restful again but were up for going out so we found a park fairly nearby (only about a 30 minute walk). This park was really big and had a big lake surrounded by trees, a cool bridge & it was just nice and relaxing. The coolest thing though was the giant monitor lizards! We had read a review saying there were a lot and there were! They’re quite large too, and apparently venomous! We spent a lot of the time on the hunt for these lizards and almost accidentally stood on some as they’re so well camouflaged…We think it’s good we didn’t stand on them…that could have made the blog a lot different! 

Random woman waving a sword around…

We left the park as we had a free mojito class at the hostel to go to! 

We arrived and no-one was there, but eventually people turned up, including the English couple which we had been speaking with yesterday. We made the mojitos which apparently you add Coca-Cola to, which is odd, but Curtis didn’t have it in his and it was amazing! Curtis made a lot, too, so he got a large glass and a bigger straw, so certainly felt superior.

Whilst we drank our mojitos we spoke with the English couple (Emily & Toby) about their traveling experiences and we shared ours. It was nice to sit down (for what turned out to be a few hours!) and just chat! 

We decided that it was time for some food, so we found another different place and went there. This place was just 15 minutes by foot, but little did we know that a lot of that walk was on a train track! We spoke as we walked along it saying what it would be like if a train came…well…sure enough, we hear some sort of alarm and all traffic is stopped and we have to sprint away from the tracks to not get run over! Luckily, the train was going very slow and had stopped so we weren’t really in danger. The train track has houses on it, too, which is awesome! 

For dinner Kim had a other green curry but with a Thai omelette and rice. Curtis had spicy basil chicken. Both were delicious and cheap! Kim had Coke to drink and Curtis had a lime soda! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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