Place 27 – Day 4: Bangkok – Thai Massage 

We wanted to have a spa day today and just relax. We looked up some places but they were all quite far and a little expensive. We remembered there was a place we had seen just a few doors down from our hostel, so we walked the short walk there and went for our Thai massage. 

Kim really enjoyed the massage but Curtis found it just incredibly painful…That being said, it was nice to do something different for the day and not walk! 

We wanted to grab a drink in a café but, being Sunday, not much was open so we went to 7-Eleven and got some lunch. We got a Carbonara pot noodle type thing, some crisps ( They were 30B for 1 or 40B for 2 so 2 it was!) We got chilli and lime & BBQ flavours. We got a little bit of chocolate too and we were set. All for about £2! 

We sat and had some lunch whilst relaxing in beanbags and watching some TV. We then sat for a few hours looking into some tours we can do in Bangkok, which turns out there isn’t much! Luckily, we have a few ideas what we do for the next week or so. 

We left the hostel and went to a local food court in a mall which is meant to have good cheap food. We found there was a lot of Japanese food, so we found the Thai section and paid just £3.26 for 2 meals. Kim got chicken with yellow rice and Curtis got a Thai green curry. Neither were amazing but it was food! 

We finished up our food and went back to the food festival which is opposite our hostel. Kim got a coconut filled with coconut ice cream & mango pieces. 

We stopped in 7-Eleven again and got a beer because it was cheap and we fancied it. We then went to the chill area and there was an English couple which we sat and spoke with for about an hour which was nice! 

We think we may have a relaxed day tomorrow and maybe look into booking something things maybe just sleeping! Who knows…that’s the beauty of traveling!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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