Place 27 – Day 3: Bangkok – Jim Thompson House, Relaxed Drink & Food Festival Market

We walked to Jim Thompson house which is just down the road from us. 

This is a set of 6 old houses from the 4th – 6th century which were moved to this location and joined together so that an American, Jim Thompson, could live in them. This man made Thai silk popular around the world after starting his own Thai silk business when he moved to Thailand. He mysteriously disappeared and no-one knows what happened to him! 

These houses were really cool and the garden area around it was beautiful. We had a tour guide which spoke great English and seemed to love her job. The whole area was very pretty and was right next to a canal which boats are now used as taxi boats, which is cool to see when walking past! 

We really fancied a nice cold drink so we walked back towards the hostel and then found a café en route. This café was lovely and we got 2 drinks at a pretty good price. Curtis got a lime soda and Kim got a white chocolate oreo shake. Both were delicious and it was nice to relax away from the heat for a bit. 

White chocolate oreo shake
Lime Soda

We left here and then went to find some clothes that Kim was looking to buy, but unfortunately there were none so we went back to the hostel and looked up somewhere to get some food, but we couldn’t find anything we liked so we decided to go back to where we ate yesterday as it was just so amazing! We walked the 45 minutes and we were so excited! We opted for 1 beer to share today as it was a little heavy yesterday! Kim got a Chicken Tom Yam (believe this is the right name!) Which is like a less spicy curry with more vegetables in it. Curtis had Stir fried pork with basil & chilli. Both were great and we have amazing service again! 

Stir fried pork with basil & chilli
Tom Yam & omelette

We walked back slowly towards the hostel and stopped across the road at an ice cream shop to get some dessert. Just outside the shop is a food festival market area. There was a lot of wonderful looking and smelling food as well as a few other types of shops but mostly food and drink. There is fresh orange & watermelon juice too! We will definitely need to explore some more! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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