Place 27 – Day 2: Bangkok – Dog Café, tasty Thai food & Another helpful stranger

We woke up for breakfast this morning not knowing what to expect. It was a very odd setup. There was coffee & milk as would be expected but we were asked which room we were in then we were given 4 slices of toast each & 2 boiled eggs. We asked if we could get fried egg instead and were told that these are just for guests in private rooms, which we thought was very odd! We were given fried eggs anyway, as well as some watermelon! 

We finished breakfast then decided we needed to go and do something, so we looked up some things to do. We didn’t want to do something too taxing, so we found a dog Café to go to and set off. This was a 2 hour walk and we thought we could do it, but it turns out that in 35° weather it’s a really bad idea! We got about half way and decided to take the SkyTrain instead, which was way faster and pretty cheap. We got off at the wrong station before asking someone and getting to the right station just after that so all was well. 

We walked for a little and then arrived at the dog café. The café had a few dogs but there was a range. Our favourites were the huskies & the malamute! We had a good few hours just sitting, relaxing and stroking the dogs. We got a drink, too. Curtis got some sort of soda drink and Kim got a double chocolate chip frappe. 


Once we eventually got hungry and had to leave, we walked to the tube to take it to where we would have dinner. It was just a few stops and we were pretty much right there. This place had great reviews so we thought we would try and we weren’t disappointed! 

From the moment we sat down we had excellent service. We got a beer each, which turned out to be at least a litre! 

Kim had the green chicken curry which was pretty spicy and Curtis had a chicken pad Thai which was amazing. We’re certain we will go back there, maybe even more than just one time! 

Half of Curtis’ Pad Thai…It was so tasty he couldn’t wait!
Thai Green Curry 🍛

We then needed to walk home and as we started walking a Thai man stopped us and tried explaining something to us for a while but as he was speaking Thai we had no clue what he was saying! We went back to the restaurant with him and the owner translated for us which helped! The man was saying that that walkway is temporarily closed, so luckily we managed to get told that before walking there! He was very nice and gave us highfives then we walked a bit of a longer way to get back. 

It started raining on the way back, but luckily close enough to the hostel so we didn’t get too wet. 

We got back and brought laundry in from outside that we had hung up this morning and we’re incredibly tired again so a relaxing night it is! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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