Place 27 – Day 1: Bangkok 🇹🇭 – Early Wake, Mega Muffin & Thailand! 


We had to wake up at 04:30 this morning to get our things ready and walk to the tube station. We had to go to a further away station then we thought, but made it there with plenty of time!

We got on our train and only realised we had to change when everyone else got off the train and onto the one on the opposite platform! Luckily, we noticed in time and got onto the train to the airport. 

We got to the airport and did the usual check in etc. It was odd as our baggage drop counter was in its own area away from all others, though it was much quieter and we breezed through. 

We were very hungry once we did all of this, so naturally we got the normal airport breakfast of a McMuffin. We were all ready for a sausage & egg muffin when Curtis spotted the ‘Mega Muffin’. For a small amount more, it was possible to get 2 sausage patties, 1 piece of bacon, 1 egg & 1 slice of cheese in a muffin! This was heaven. As you would expect, Curtis got a coffee too and we were ready to head off! 

Oddly, we had to queue for security as it was closed until a certain time, which we found odd! Once we did get in, though, it was very fast and we were through in no time. 

We saw a sign for a relaxation area which was free so we had to check it out! There were relaxation pods with charging points, so we bought drinks for the flight then sat here until about 15 minutes before boarding where we were able to board first! 

We had gambled and booked the window & aisle seat in hopes we would get noone in between us and get a full row. The gamble paid off! We had a whole row for the 6 hour flight and it was great. We played a lot of UNO and got some well needed sleep in. We had a hot meal too, which was pretty much just chicken & rice. 

We landed and did the usual and had to find out how to get to the hotel. We found out that there was a cheap airport shuttle bus which took us right to the train station we needed, so we sat on that for a while and then got the train to right next to our hostel. 

We couldn’t seem to find the hostel as it was tucked away, so we went to McDonald’s to ask. The staff weren’t sure but a wonderful woman was kind enough to help us and call the hostel to find the location. We were able to find it thanks to this woman and so we got there, had a shower and went out for food. We just went to the closest place as we were tired and very hungry and the place turned out to be Subway! We went and got a drink from the shop too and we were set! 

We then spent the evening sat on beanbags in the chill area watching TV and eating Subway…But we did nip out quickly!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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