Place 26 – Day 8: Tokyo – Sushi, Pet Shops, A Park, Some live J-Pop & A Disappointment

We went to Shibuya today, home of the massive crossing & a few other cool things. The streets themselves were awesome and the crossing was massive and busy! 

We went to a sushi bar with automated conveyors! We had a screen at our part of the bar and ordered what we want and it came to us on the conveyor. It was fun and actually really cheap too! Curtis had grilled salmon Nigiri Sushi followed by Broiled Salmon & Black Pepper nigiri sushi. Both were enjoyable! Kim ordered some fries but then risked it and went with some sushi rolls of tuna & sweetcorn. 

We went to a big department store to look for a travel charger, but ended up in the toy section and having a laugh. It was even more of a laugh when we came to the adult section, because we are children!! We bought UNO here too, because we are still addicted. 

We went to a park after this and it just started raining once we got there. It was just a small amount of rain so nothing drastic. We then heard, from another park of the park, some loud singing. We went to investigate and there was some sort of free J-Pop concert happening. There were guys watching who seemed very, very passionate and were jumping, screaming, singing along and for some odd reason, shouting at a fake dinosaur head…it was crazy but a great experience! 

It started raining very heavy so we walked back into town and to the place we planned to have food. 

Once we got to the food place, we were really excited! This place was called Alcatraz ER and it was an Alcatraz themed restaurant where all the food and drinks look like horrible things and the staff can drag you from the cell and pretend to experiment on you! This sounded amazing, but, it was not…We ended up leaving as there was no ambiance. Noone was in character, it didn’t seem that they were playing to the ‘script’ that it says they will and there was loud music blasting. 

After a while of searching, we got fed up trying to find anywhere for food, so we went to a place we had previously seen in another location and weren’t keen on, but were so hungry that it seemed worth it. We each got a bowl of meat with rice. Curtis got beef and Kim got pork. They didn’t look appetizing, but they were OK, very cheap and did the job! 

After, Kim went to get a strawberry, chocolate & banana crepe.

We went to H&M & Forever21 to have a look around for Kim and Curtis was bored so decided to dress Kim up in some lovely headgear! 

We got the tube back and bought a bottle of sale at our hostel to try and it is tasty! It  I had a whisky texture but a wine  taste. Very interesting! We packed this morning so we don’t have anything to do other than shower. We leave nice and early tomorrow for a train ride then a flight! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

2 Replies to “Place 26 – Day 8: Tokyo – Sushi, Pet Shops, A Park, Some live J-Pop & A Disappointment”

  1. Well you both certainly enjoyed your time in Tokyo. Safe journey today.

    I take it that you can’t get your iPod to work properly yet, never mind we still manage to catch up on what you’re up to via the blog so that’ll have to do for now. Take care. Love you lots. Xoxoxo

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