Place 26 – Day 7: Toyko – Soufflé Pancakes, Great Coffee & Forest Café

We had a few ideas what to do today, but upon looking them up they were closed! We decided to walk to the Tokyo Skytree (tower) and see the cost to go up it as it also includes many things inside (known as the ‘skytree village’). This was incredibly expensive and not really that interesting, so we went to a coffee shop which had Soufflé pancakes which Kim had heard about and wanted to try. We had to queue to get in as it was so busy! Once we got in, we ordered one of the soufflé pancakes with chocolate syrup & chocolate ice cream as well as an orange juice for Kim and a charcoal roasted coffee for Curtis. The code was amazing (though not cheap) and the Soufflé pancakes was pretty good, too. 

We finished up here, had a little walk around and found an Owl/Animal cafe. This mostly had owls, but also had otters, a meerkat, snakes, lizards, ghekos, chinchillas and birds. This was pretty small and uncomfortable to walk around but the animals were cool! We got to stroke a meerkat, owls & shake hands with otters! 

We went to 7-Eleven on the way back to grab a pot noodle each. Kim had curry again and Curtis’ is an unknown flavour, though tasty! 

We had tiramasu for dessert, too!

We’ve booked some future accomodation and now just relaxing! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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