Place 26 – Day 6: Tokyo – Shinjuku

We decided to walk the 2 hours to Shinjuku today. This is meant to be a very good place and what you imagine Japan looks like. 

We started walking there and realised it was tiring! We grabbed a drink and continued on our way. The temperature was apparently not as hot as it has been, but the sun was shining so felt very warm! 

When we got closer, we saw the Tokyo Dome. This is a baseball arena as well as a theme park and a few other things like eateries and bowling. We stopped here and walked around to check it out, but the rides were incredibly expensive for what they were. 

Just before we stopped there, we saw a place that sold Gyoza, so we had to stop! These were actually really good, with a serving suggestion of soy sauce, chilli oil & vinegar, so we had to do that. They were delicious and a perfect snack!

We soldiered on and found the centre of Shinjuku. This was very busy and with a lot of large buildings! We found some WiFi and noticed there was an observation deck nearby, surprisingly in a government building! We headed there and had to go underground before getting searched and heading into a very fast lift to the 45th floor where we saw a lot of Tokyo from a lot of angles. It was really nice and free! 

We got super hungry so headed back down and found another curry place within the and chain as the first place we went to…it was still excellent! Curtis had the pork cutlet and Kim had the chicken again. It was perfect and just hit that spot! 


We walked back towards the hotel and saw a lot of cool buildings and areas on the way. We decided we were too tired to walk the whole way, so we got a tube to about halfway. This cost us 400Y all together (~£3) and took about 25 minutes rather than an hour walk, and we got a seat! 

We did the last 45 minute walk back, Kim got a doughnut and we sat and played UNO with a hot chocolate because we are old! Who knows what we will do with our lives when we leave here and don’t have UNO?! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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