Place 26 – Day 5: Ueno Zoo, 🐼 & Chiyoda Park

We went to the zoo today! We couldn’t decide where to go and decided on the zoo. We had read that some people thought it was inhumane, but most people said it was good. 

We got there and it was just Y600 each (around £5). 

Kim mostly wanted to see the pandas, so we did! We went straight to their enclosure to find just 1 lonely panda. The mum had recently had a child, so her and the baby weren’t able to be seen. 

Kim & a 🐼

we walked around the zoo, coming across some very loud gibbons! 

We saw many different animals, as you do at a zoo. We saw some huge bears, but one was definitely not happy with being there and was attempting to escape! We saw sealions & seals as well as a polar bear which didn’t look too happy! 

Bear eating an Apple
Polar Bear

We thought we were done with the zoo, then realised that there was a whole other section! This included penguins, small mammals, hippos, giraffes and zebras. 

We were there for a good few hours before we left to grab a spot of lunch. We then planned to go to the science museum but it was fairly expensive and apparently not in English and neither of us read Japanese! 

We just stayed at the area where the zoo is, which includes museums and today there was a ‘Nepal Festival’ celebrating Nepal..which is random! 

We walked here, sat around and watched the world go by before taking a 45 minute walk to another park called Chiyoda. This has a castle in it, but unfortunately we were too late and it was closed! We just walked around here and then made the 1 hour walk back. We stopped in 7-Eleven to get some dinner as we weren’t sure where to get food and knew there were cups of noodles! We got a noodle cup for Kim (curry flavour) and a bowl of noodles for Curtis (spicy!). These were actually really good and cheap! The noodle bowl was apparently complicated to make, as we had to get help from 4 Japanese people at our hostel! Who thought it would be complicated?! 

We still have a few days here and we’re loving every minute! Though our feet aren’t! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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