Place 26 – Day 4: Tokyo – Samba Festival

We had breakfast and played UNO whilst doing so because we’re clearly addicted! 

Whilst having breakfast, Curtis managed to knock over a whole coffee, so we had to clean that up and make another! 

When we walked into town we weren’t really sure what to do for the day, other than just going to the Owl cafe! We went into the café and we’re ready to pay, but after seeing the owls in boxes and not being able to hold them, it seemed both rubbish and inhumane, so we left. With no idea what to do, we stumbled apon a parade! This was apparently the 36th Samba Festival, according to the t-shirts. We thought this was a weird thing to be on in Japan, but we stayed and watched anyway and it was pretty awesome, though it looks like some of the performers forgot their clothes! 

We took a bit of a walk around after this, visiting some arcades just to look around and got a bite to eat and then went back to the hostel. We played UNO whilst we waited for it to be time to try and fix Kim’s iPod again, but we unfortunately had no luck so went out for dinner! 

We wanted some Yakitori, but the place we went to didn’t look very good, so we walked a bit further out to get another curry! We went to a place called Go!Go!Curry. This was not too bad and we got a decent amount. Curtis had to have a beer but was offered another drink which we later found out was a can of whiskey & soda! Should have gone for that. 

We were pretty full after dinner, but we took a little walk around the area we ate and there were a lot of food places, lights and people! 

We walked back to the hostel and had to go across a bridge and saw a perfect photo opportunity! 

As we were walking back, we saw two strange buildings next to eachother…it was quite creepy in the dark!

Giant head!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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