Place 25 – Day 1: Manila 🇵🇭 – 6 Months of Traveling!

We arrived in Manila for our 2 day stopover late. We arrived at around 06:00 when we were meant to arrive at 05:15. Better still, our car hasn’t arrived either (this seems to be a trend!) So we had to call the hotel and wait for the transport. 

By the time we arrived at the hotel and checked in, it was 08:00 so we needed to get some food, though we were incredibly tired! We nipped to McDonald’s for a trusty mcmuffin! 

We then slept for a few hours before leaving to go to a shop as well as get some dinner. We found a huge hypermarket within a mall which we bought some snacks in before going to Pizza Hut for some pizza! We grabbed a coffee before we went shopping too, as it was cheap and coffee solves everything! 

That hair…

Other than this, we’ve not done much and nor will we tomorrow. These are rest days before we head to an awesome place! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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