Place 24 – Day 7: Hanoi – Presidential Palace Grounds, Citadel, Night Market & Beer Street 

We stuck with our plan today to visit the presidential palace. It turns out that you can’t actually go in the palace, which is a shame, but you can go near it as well as the gardens which were beautiful! 

We wanted to go in at 12:30, but it was very closed, so we went to a local coffee shop and grabbed a nice coffee whilst we waited.

Once we were able to, we went into the grounds and had a walk around. It wasn’t all that great or large, but it was very pretty.

We left here but still wanted to do some more things, so we went to the Citadel. This is basically a fortress with small towns within. This was much more interesting as it was used by the Americans and the French after its original usage so there are buildings from each era around. 

This area took a while to walk around and each building was awesome.

Kim, at one point, thought she was scaring Curtis but it turned out she was scaring a random man who was very shocked! 

Dragon Steps

We left here and came back to the hotel and had a relax, then went out for some dinner. We went to a restaurant, Aubergine Cafe, which was really great! We were wanting to go there for a while but were not 100% sure about it, but we are glad we went! The service was great and the food was excellent. We started with make your own spring rolls, which were tasty but pretty fiddly and irritating, so not sure we would do that again. For mains, Kim had spicy fried chicken with rice and Curtis had beef with lemongrass, onion, chilli & vegetables. 

We, of course, had a beer too! 


We ate this all up, it was very tasty! 

We finished there and walked down the street, before Kim saw a ‘rolled ice cream’ stall. This is ice cream which is mixed with something, in this case Oreos, and then frozen and rolled. 

Rolled Ice Cream

We walked to the Night Market which was a good experience, if not a little crowded and warm! Each 4th stall was the same, so we left there and went to Beer Street for a beer and some people watching. 

People Watching

We sat here for a while until a creepy guy started drawing Kim, so we headed back towards the hotel. On the way, we made a pitstop to get Kim some Candyfloss. 

We came back to the hotel and had to speak with the hotel about some stuff they should have done and then came back to bed! 

It’s been a busy day and we think we may have a bit of a relaxed day tomorrow before we head to the airport! 

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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