Place 24 – Day 6: Hanoi – Dong Xuan Market & Ba Dinh Square

We had a slightly later start today, so didn’t leave the hotel until around 13:00. 

We walked to Dong Xuan Market. This is an indoor market, but we didn’t spend long at all here as it was not very good at all!

Once we left here, we walked to Ba Dinh Square, which is a main square where a former leader is viewable (during certain times) and the presidential palace is in. There is a large gardens around this area also and it is a nice place to walk. Unfortunately, we were unable to walk in or around the Presidential Palace or grounds due to Kim being in ‘inappropriate dress’, so tomorrow we plan to go in and take a look around! 

The outside of the Presidential Palace
A ‘one tower pagoda’

We made sure we stopped for a nice iced coffee before we got there, though! Kim had a coconut milk iced coffee and Curtis had a condensed milk iced coffee (a Vietnamese tradition).

We went back to the hotel as Curtis wasn’t feeling too great. 

We watched the film Storks, before Curtis had a little nap!

We waited for it to be a bit later before we went out for dinner. We looked up a place to eat but unfortunately it no longer exists! Instead, we made the walk to the centre where the weekend night market is. This was incredibly busy and we plan to visit the actual night market tomorrow, so we’ll see what that is like! 

We found a place to eat whilst walking and it was not great. The meat was very dry, the noodles we’re definitely tagliatelle and not noodles! 

Kim was definitely not impressed and still hungry, so she grabbed a waffle cone ice cream!

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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