Place 24 – Day 5: Hanoi – Police Museum, Banh Mi & Water Puppet Show

We went to the police museum today. We attempted to go there yesterday, but it was closed for some reason! 

This museum was free to enter and not very familiar to tourists, so we were the only people there! It had good ratings online, so we thought we would have a look. 

It was much bigger than we thought and was very interesting. It includes information about the policing since the 1940s until now, including paraphernalia and contraband from drug busts and other arrests. 

Old sidecar used by police in the 70s

Confiscated knives! 🔪

We went from the police museum to a monument dedicated to a previous king. We didn’t go inside, but we grabbed a couple of photos. 

We had plans for the evening, so we came back to relax a bit before going to dinner, but not before grabbing a famous Banh Mi! These are basically sandwiches, but they are great! 

Curtis had a BBQ pork & Pate one & Kim had a honey chicken one. Both come with carrot, coriander & chilli sauce. These were delicious! 

Terrible photo, but great sandwich!

We went back to Banana Tree, where we went the first night. Curtis had the same, because it was just so tasty! Kim had a chicken and rice dish. We also shared spring rolls again. 

After dinner, we went to wait outside the puppet theatre! We had mixed thoughts on this and were suggested it a few days ago by another British couple we spoke with. It was fairly cheap too! 

We were really unsure what would happen, but it was incredible! There was a band, playing old Viet instruments and there was a small lake with a backdrop. Thought the performance, amazing puppets were doing different things in and around the water, each scene having its own story. There were fire breathing dragons and all sorts! It was well worth the price and an old style Vietnamese thing to do! 

Didn’t get many photos, but we were too busy watching!

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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