Place 23 – Day 9: Puerto Princesa – Honda Bay Island Hopping

We woke at 06:00 again this morning, had some breakfast, and were picked up to go to Honda Bay! 

We picked people up for 2 hours before making the 20 minute drive.

We stopped at a rental area and Kim got some Scuba gear. 

We got to Honda Bay and had to take a boat for 30 minutes to the first island. 

The first island was called Starfish Island, due to there being a lot of starfish. There wasn’t that many starfish, considering the name! 

We swam there for about an hour or so with fish around everywhere! We had some lunch! There was grilled chicken, rice, noodles, fish, watermelon & squid. 

The view of the first island from the boat

Curtis tried some squid and it was actually not bad! 

The lunch

We then took a 20 minute boat to the next island, Luli Island, which, when the tide comes in, is fully submerged. 

We met some South African women which we got chatting to and had a drink with. 

Us with our South African friends we met today

We did some swimming here and then went to the third and last island. This island was really nice, smooth sand underfoot and nice water. We swam here for a while before heading back on the boat. 

Island 3

All in all we had a great time swimming around and we met some good people as well as filming a lot of fish and swimming on the GoPro which you will be able to see on Facebook somewhen soon!

We took the boat back, got back in our bus and got back to the hotel. We were so tired! We got showered and went for some food downstairs. 

We need to pack tonight as we’ve got 2 flights tomorrow to go to our next place, which is very exciting!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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