Place 23 – Day 7: Puerto Princesa – The Underground River

We woke nice and early, 06:00, to get downstairs for some breakfast, to have showers and be ready. We were told to be downstairs for 07:15, but luckily we were earlier as the mini bus arrived at 07:00.

We set off, stopping at a few hotels before continuing our 2 hour journey to Sabang.

We first stopped at a Mangrove Tree area where there were 2 optional activities. There was a zip line and also a Mangrove tree river tour. Both of these weren’t cheap, so we decided to do the free option, which was walk around the area, go to a beach and inside the forest. This was fun and relaxing as well as being incredibly hot!

Coconut Trees!

We then got back in the van and made our way to ‘The main event’. 

Before we went to the Underground River, we stopped at a restaurant in Sabang (the town in which the cave is located). The food was amazing! There were multiple types of noodle dishes, vegetables, rice, pork in a beautiful sauce. Lots of wonderful food!

We were warned that after lunch there would be rain and, sure enough, there was. A lot!

We got to the boat departure area and went into a motor boat to get to the part of the island which has the river. 

Once we got to the correct area, we saw the sign for the river just before we went in. To preserve wildlife, they provide audio devices to listen to, rather than speaking in the cave. 

The Underground River is naturally formed and is a cave with a river inside it. 

We needed to take a row boat into the cave, so we had a boat man (thank god! Not sure we could do another rowing trip!) who took us around the cave. The cave was obviously very dark, other than the occasional torch light from the boat men. All things were described and the boat man tried to describe things too. 

Cave entry

There were a lot of bats and birds in the cave and we were warned not to open our mouths too often as a bar or dirty water could drip in our mouths!

Apparently, this is one of the new 7 Natural Wonders in the World!

It was an amazing experience and it was an enormous cave and was very beautiful. The boat trip itself was great too, as we got to the front!

When we got off the boat, we saw monkeys, too! 

We all bundled back into the mini bus to head home and most of us fell asleep at one point or another. Being outside all day does that!

We got back and grabbed some food. We got half a spicy chicken to share with some rice. This was really tasty. The sauce was more sweet than spicy, but had great flavour. 

After dinner, we grabbed some dessert and headed home, where we think we will have an early night! Tomorrow is an important day for us, too!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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