Place 23 – Day 6: Puerto Princesa – Impromptu Dancing

We had a lazy start to the day, though we did get some things booked for future travels!

We left the room around 14:00 and went next door to a travel agency to organise some trips for whilst we’re here, which should be fun! 

We then went to the shop to buy a drink, but also went to a department store as Kim wanted to buy some goggles. We looked around for a bit and then got some goggles, which look beautiful! 

When we were trying to find the exit, we got stuck in the middle of the employees dancing to their own company song, which was terrifying and also hilarious! It was like being at a cult meeting. 

We then relaxed before dinner, where we went downstairs again as our out of hotel experience for food hasn’t been good so far. We shared the chicken in hoisin sauce, which was pleasant!

We then went to the shop and bought a beer each and then stopped at McDonald’s for a sundae!

We then relaxed and watched The Girl in The Train, which is a very solid movie!

Tomorrow should include some very awesome photos and action! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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