Place 23 – Day 5: Puerto Princesa – Attempted Beach Find & Military Bases

We found another beach to go to today, so after breakfast we went out to find it. 

This was a similar walk to yesterday, but down a different street. We were aware that it was near a military base, but not as near as it was!

We walked for a while to turn up at a military base. Upon speaking with a soldier, he directed us to take a right and keep walking, so that is what we did. This took a lot longer than expected and once passing through a few villages, in which the children all wanted to say hello (which was nice), we saw another military base (Navy, this time). So we asked here and were informed that the beach is within the military base and for military personel only! So, we pretty much walked out there for no reason. That being said, it was a really nice walk, and the weather wasn’t sunny (though still hot!), so walking around was much easier. 

We got to see some cool things, such as some mansions and some really nice houses, among some self made houses and shops. It was a really cool experience. 

Kim also has her own shop!

Cool creepy mansion

We went to a different place for dinner, just down the road, and let’s wasn’t great. 

Kim had ‘buttered chicken’ (it was fried chicken..) and Curtis had BBQ pork. 

It was all okay, but just not great.

We thought we would watch a film, so we sat down to watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (it’s good). 

We went and got a doughnut and hot chocolate half way through, because why not. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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