Place 23 – Day 4: Puerto Princesa – Long Walk, Beach & Very Hot Weather

We planned to go to the beach today, so we found out where it was and set off.

Before this, we went for breakfast where they now know our order, so that’s probably a bad thing!

We have left the hotel and, considering it said it was going to rain today, it was incredibly hot with no rain.

We had to walk down one long road for around 1 hour to get to the beach. It was actually a quite nice walk, other than the fact it was very hot!

We got to where the beach was and it was within a 5 star resort! We just walked in and to the beach. 

Turns out, the beach wasn’t very good. It was quite a nice location, and there was some water around, but the beach was walled in. 

We walked across a bridge that was there, which led to a restaurant and nothing else, so was again, disappointing.

We stayed at the hotel resort anyway, dipped our feet (and for Kim, our legs!) Into one of their pools and just relaxed there. It was good fun! 

Sat in the 5 star hotel!
The hotel and the cool looking clouds
One of the pools
Kim loving the pool
Kim got a beautiful photo whilst on the bridge

We then had to make the long walk back to our hotel, so we walked back down the very long road in what seemed like even hotter sun, but it was nice to see other things! We are pretty sure we walked through the main centre, which had some restaurants, so we thought we would go to one for dinner later on.

The long road we had to walk down

We took bought 4 beers before we got back to enjoy, got a bucket of ice from the hotel and drank a beer in bed, watching TV. 
We ended up both falling asleep and having a nap for an hour, because we’re old, but we felt great after!

We went to find a restaurant for dinner, but unfortunately none of them were actually any good, so we came back to the hotel and ate here. 

Kim had chicken with rice and Curtis had sweet and sour pork. Both were very nice!

Chicken and rice
Sweet & sour pork

We ate that, got back to the room and relaxed again! We aren’t sure, but we think we may be sunburst..some kind of monsoon season!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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