Place 23 – Day 2: Puerto Princesa – Boardwalk, Immaculate Conception Cathedral & Taking in The Ambiance 

We woke up for 09:45 to have the free hotel breakfast. We got to breakfast and saw just cereal and bread, which would be fine, but we were then seated and provided with a menu, which was free things such as egg and for some reason, chicken. 

We both got sunny side up eggs and were then offered to add bacon, which we couldn’t refuse! 

Eggs, Bacon & Watermelon!

We finished breakfast and then went out for a walk to take in the ambiance for such a different way of living. The majority of people travel by tuk tuk and those whole don’t mostly use motorbikes. The roads aren’t particularly safe, nor does anyone follow the lines, but there is still something cool about it. 

We walked around and found a market area, where people sell things like fresh coconuts which grow in the trees around the streets and also woven items. 

Tuk tuks everywhere!

We really fancied a beer, so we stopped at the supermarket and bought 2 beers for £0.36 each! We then came back to the room to shower and cool off, as the sun is incredibly warm! So much for monsoon season!

We had a little rest and then went back out to find the boardwalk. On the way to the boardwalk, we walked down a few very back alley streets which gave us a really good feel for how people live here! We met a few people that wanted to say ‘hi’, mostly kids, and it’s a really friendly vibe here. 

The Immaculate Conception Cathedral
The view of mountains from the boardwalk
The view from the boardwalk

We got back from the walk and then went for some dinner. We ate at the hotel again.

Curtis had Stir Fried beef Date & Kim had chicken in hoisin sauce.

This was delicious! Beef on the left, chicken to the right

We came back to the hotel and Kim really wanted to use facemasks that we got for free from shops in Seoul, so we did. we looked beautiful.



– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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