Puerto Princesa

Place 23 – Day 1: Puerto Princesa 🇵🇭 – Taxi, Tuk Tuk & Food


We had an interesting arrival in Manila to start with! 

First off, the flight was delayed when we got on board so we arrived a little later than expected (01:00). 

We then had to get a shuttle to another terminal, but these were not running at this time, so we waited for a paid bus which ended up not turning up, but we were able to get a great priced deal on the taxi.

Once we got there, we were really hungry and it was a very small area. We managed to check in the bags and after, we had to wait in a cordened area before walking to the plane. Whilst we were waiting, we were sat behind someone that was apparently famous in the Philippines, so that was funny to watch all of the people asking to take photos when he clearly didn’t want to any taken!

We had to get some food, so we went to Cinnabons and got 2 cinnamon buns, a coffee and a hot chocolate. This tided us over for a bit. 

We got onto the plane and were comfortable and just wanted to sleep. Unfortunately, as we drifted off to sleep we were provided with food. The problem with this was that it was 07:00 and it was chicken with rice and garlic, which was not ideal for that time of the day! 

We landed in Puerto Princesa and realised we had no idea where we were going! 

We found a tuk tuk and it was an unbelievably cheap price, so we jumped on that and headed to the hotel. All around the city are just tuk tuks and motorbikes, it’s crazy! 

We got to the hotel and paid to check-in early as we NEEDED to shower and sleep. 

We slept for a few hours before deciding we needed lunch. We went down to the restaurant in the hotel to see what was for offer. 

We got beef teriyaki with rice and it was very cheap and very delicious! 

We ate this and then went to the supermarket to find some snacks for the room.

We relaxed for a bit more before going back downstairs to the restaurant where we paid £2.58 for rice, a whole chicken leg & pork all BBQ and iced tea. It was tasty! 

After dinner we went to McDonalds to get a sundae each and the plan tonight is to sleep! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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