Place 21 – Day 8: Seoul – Hamsan Park, Itaewon & the War Museum

We walked o Hamsan Park today, which required going up the outdoor elevator to the mountain.

We got to the park and just had a nice walk around. It was incredibly hot today, around 34°C, so it was a very slow walk! 

View from the park
Namsan Tower

We’ve been hearing the loud bugs around the whole of Seoul, from the trees, and have been wondering what they are. We saw some today. They’re ugly!

Once we were done at the park, we found our way to Itaewon which is like a ‘little America’. This is right next to the US Military base, so everything around is American. We stopped for a milkshake, too!

The war museum was nearby, and free, so we went there! It was much bigger than expected and actually really interesting, with a lot of weapons and there was also all the military vehicles around, which was awesome. 

This pretty much took up our whole day, before we took the metro back to Myeong-dong and grabbed another pot of chicken, the same as what we had back when we first arrived. Kim then got a waffle with chocolate ice cream.

We move to our next location tomorrow, but we have really enjoyed South Korea and would love to come back! We are just chilling with a beer and then packing for tomorrow’s travel.

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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