Place 21 – Day 7: Seoul – Massage, Ribs & A Waffle

We planned to just have a lazy day today, so we slept for the whole morning (we got up for free breakfast, of course) and then left around 14:40 to get Kim a massage!

Kim wanted a massage so she had an hour long, full body massage and felt great afterwards!

Once that was done, it was pretty much dinner time, so we watched some TV and found somewhere to eat. There is a ribs & cheese place to eat, so we thought we would try that.

It works the same as the Korean BBQ, except your ribs are cooked and the cheese isn’t. You just wrap the cheese around the rib and you’re good to go, though the cheese either fell off or you ate it all in one! 

Ribs & Cheese

There is also a custom of wearing a glove to eat ribs with which frustrated the both of us as only one glove per person was supplied, so we had to try and eat with one had, which was frustrating!

Once we ate the ribs, the remaining cheese was mixed with rice and, for some reason, seaweed and cooked with an egg. We decided to leave this as the seaweed wasn’t a good taste.

We were still hungry after our somewhat sub par food, so we went and got a banana waffle from a coffee shop, which was lovely!

Banana waffle!

Tomorrow, we have a cool adventure so should be interesting! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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