Place 21 – Day 5: Seoul – Gyeongbokgung Palace & Korean BBQ

We fell back to sleep after breakfast for some reason, but once we woke up we were much more full of life! 

We read the weather forecast which said it was raining all day with thunderstorms, so we thought that we would either have a lazy day or find something indoor to do. 

We went outside and it was really hot with blistering sun too! There’s a lot of people around as it is a Saturday too, so they made it warmer.

We changed our minds and went to another palace instead as it was hot. This palace seemed larger than the other, though it was much less interesting and there was more space around, so technically less to see.

 There was also a replica of an old town, which looked very authentic and was cool to look around.

We went back to the hotel after visiting this for a few hours and had a shower, then we headed out to the top voted Korean BBQ place near us!

We must say, it didnt disappoint! The waitress was lovely with excellent English. We had 2 types of pork belly which we cooked ourself which was a honey & garlic flavour and a pepper & herb flavour, both of which they are apparently famous for! 

Beer! 🍺
First few pieces on!
Curtis was ready…
The Kimchee & Bean-sprouts were first​…

This was such a tasty meal and also good fun, with our range of sauce & sides (kimchee & bean-sprouts, unlimited!) And we had a beer because why not! This was a lovely evening and we topped it off with some cake from a coffee shop, which was nice. Curtis had a tiramasu and Kim had a cookie & cheese cake. 

Cake! 🍰

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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