Place 21 – Day 4: Seoul -Fancy Haircut & Natural History Museum

We woke up pretty tired today and really with no plans.

A lazy day was on the cards, but Curtis needed to get his hair cut, mostly because it was incredibly long but also because it cannot be long for a specific reason which will be revealed in a few days!

We asked at reception before leaving where the best place to get a haircut was and they suggested 2 places which are popular but apparently expensive.

We went to one which was about a 1 minute walk from our hotel and it was incredible!

It starts with being provided with free cold tea. Neither of us like tea, but this was quite sweet so tasted okay. A stylist then came over with an iPad and photos on for Curtis to choose from. Once the style was chosen, Curtis had to get his hair washed. This was a wash but also a small head massage, which was pleasant.

After the wash, the cutting began. This took a very long time and we have never seen anything like it! Towards the end of the cut, another person comes over with a brush to brush away all hairs. 

The cut was complete and then another wash was provided, including another small head massage. Curtis then assumed that was it, but no! 

Another person came over and began styling the hair with a hairdryer, comb, wax & hairspray. What a crazy experience! 

The first lady loved Kim’s hair and couldn’t stop playing with it!

One this was done, we paid our 30000W (around £20) and left, with everyone following us out of the door thanking us and saying goodbye and waving, what a lovely bunch of people they are! Apparently, these were all normal things in hairdressers in Korea. This sounds like an awesome place to be! 

Curtis with his fresh new style.
Curtis with his sexy robe!
Our free tea

After the haircut, as it was raining, we though that an indoor thing to do wouldn’t be a bad idea, so the national museum of Korea it is! 

We walked around the museum for actually a very long time! It must have been hours and we saw all kinds of things, pots, plates, paintings, weapons and more from prehistoric to modern times. 

The Museum Entrance

We took the metro back as the walk was a little far as we were hungry! 

We stopped for dinner at a street vendor right outside our hotel which sells chicken in a pot and it was excellent!! 

The mighty chicken. And something else we didnt know but it was great!

We ate and then went back out to buy some bread. There is a shop that sells small loafs of sweet bread, so we bought strawberry flavour and chocolate flavour..we ate both..


Who knows what we’ll do tomorrow? Maybe more palaces? 😉

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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