Place 21 – Day 3: Seoul – 2 Palaces!

Today’s plan was to visit 2 palaces, which is what we did! 

We left the hotel to try and get to the first palace and stumbled upon another, smaller, palace which was free of charge. Whilst we stood confused at the sign, a lovely old man spoke to us in very broken English saying that it was the former king’s palace and that we should go in, so we did!

This palace was called: Inhyeongung.

A second, deliberately less colourful palace within the first palace

We walked around this palace for a bit and then walked to our next palace of 3, which was called Changdeokgung.

This palace turned out to be huge as well as beautiful. It has parts which have blue tiles for the roof, which is the only palace in the world to have these.

This palace was built in 1410, which is a long time ago!

This was a very peaceful place and it took us a while to walk around the place, but we really didn’t mind as it was beautiful.

Some strage dog/weasel we saw in the palace!

After these, we found a very highly rated Korean dumpling (mandu) place and sat in there for some food. 

The dumplings are not soup filled like with Chinese dumplings, but just with meat, herbs and vegetables.

To be honest, yes, it was cheap, but it wasn’t amazing.

We went to find a dessert place near where we are staying and found a place that does Korean shaved ice. We shared a chocolate shaved ice bowl, which was quite large!

We finished this and went back to the hotel before going back out to see if there were any places selling hot chocolate. We went to the cat cafe on our way because why not! The only problem was that there was an admission fee of equivalent of £6 each! We definitely left when we found that out!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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