Place 21 – Day 2: Seoul – Laundry, Lemonade & Hambak

We needed to get our laundry done today and so we found a place that was a little out from where we were but it was also a bar & cafe!

Before we went to do laundry, we had our breakfast which was a simple continental which, to be honest, was a godsend since being in China!

We had a pretty lazy morning then walked to do the laundry.

On the walk, the pavements were spongy, assuming this is to make it more comfortable for people to walk on! A very clever idea.

Places are easier to get to as it seems there is public WiFi in most places.

We took the mile or so walk in the very hot sun (which, in Korea, is actually sun and not just humidity) and we had to take an outdoor elevator up the mountain which was awesome and so was the view!

The view

We got down to the café/bar/laundromat eventually and stayed there for a couple of hours drinking lemonade and waiting for the laundry. We looked online for places to eat and what to do whilst in Seoul.

Lemonade in a launderette?!

We left the place and were very hungry but decided we would go to the hotel first and find somewhere to eat. We found somewhere but couldn’t actually find it on the street so found somewhere else and it was tasty!

We had a Korean dish called ‘Hambak’ which is pretty much a beef patty and this came with a sauce, an egg on top, some rice, bean-sprouts & potato wedges.


That was very delicious and we also got a side of creamy pasta and a salad.

Pasta & salad

Once we ate and waddled through the busy market area, Kim got a very tall ice cream!

Busy market area!
Kim’s got a long one! 😉

We came back to the hotel room to relax and try and book our next few places as we aren’t fully done yet!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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