Place 21 – Day 1: Seoul πŸ‡°πŸ‡· – Getting Stuck In The Metro & Smoky Plane?


We left China today, so just had to check out and leave! Checkout was at 12:00, but we decided to leave our bags at reception at 10:30 and go back to the dumpling place to have the same for breakfast! They were too good to say no to…

More pork dumplings!

Once we finished, we went back to the hotel to get our bags and go to the airport. We wanted to make sure we were there early so we got the Maglev high speed train again and then had to catch the metro for 7 stops. 

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare, and it was actually too much time as we couldn’t check in or drop our bags for 1.5 hours! 

We walked around aimlessly for that time and then had a little sit down, before checking in our bags and then popping for a bite to eat.

Once we finished this, we headed to our gate where we boarded the bus & then the plane, which was fairly empty! 

Oddly, we noticed an odd thing happening on the plane…smoke! Noone else seemed to be panicking, so we assumed it was a normal thing!

We traveled with China Southern Airlines and were actually really happy! We had a decent amount of leg room and had a meal. The meal was okay. It was duck with rice and vegetables, a bread roll & yogurt.

Plane food

Kim did get some cool photos during the flight, though!

Awesome looking clouds

We landed in Korea and had to take a train from the airport to the centre, which took quite a while, then we were meant to take a metro. We struggled a little with how it worked and ended up somehow locking ourselves inside the metro system, without even being able to access the outside world! Luckily, Kim spotted a help button and a kind man let us through the gate and we decided we would walk instead. 

After figuring out where to go, we walked up into a cool, blue-lit bridge, which was a very nice experience as well as a little cooler than the street. 

Not the best photo, but awesome blue walkway

In general, the temperature is cooler than Shanghai and less humid.

We got to the hotel pretty easily and noticed that last check in was 23:00 and it was 22:50!

Our room is small but very nice! We have been provided with slippers and shower slippers, too! 

The room includes conditioner and Kim is incredibly happy about that! 

The bed
Fancy looking slippers (too small for Curtis’ feet!)
A very small mini fridge
Small bathroom where the toilet and shower’s a little odd.

Korea seems really awesome so far and seems like an ‘Asian London’. 

We are also able to use all of the internet again, so that is a plus! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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