Place 20 – Day 4: Shanghai – Temple & Incredible Food

We had the hotel breakfast!

We finally managed to actually get up to sample the breakfast and it was certainly different. There were noodles, rice, fruit soup, steamed buns & fried buns. 

We only ate steamed buns & fried buns as we couldn’t make ourselves eat noodles at 08:45! The breakfast actually wasn’t bad and there was coffee so can’t go wrong!

We went back to the room and fell asleep..until 12:30! 

We found a temple and went there on the subway. We couldn’t enter the temple as we were wearing inappropriate clothing, but we did see the Pagoda and see the temple from the outside, which was cool! 

This is the ‘Pagoda’ – A big tower. Looks awesome and ancient!

The area around the temple was much older and we described it as ‘what we expected China to be like’. We weren’t there long and soon went back to the centre to find a dumpling place which is meant to be amazing in China. Yang’s Dumplings is a fast food chain but for dumplings! It was absolutely beautiful. The dumplings were filled with pork but they were incredible. We got 4 and had 2 each and they were fried on one side so it was crispy and beautiful and they were just £0.80! 

We came back to the hotel to find a place for dinner and we attempted to get the hotel reception to call and book a reservation at a restaurant as it was required but the phone number didn’t work and they couldn’t find one. This was a shame as it was a 2 Michelin Star restaurant but was cheap! 

We found another restaurant which was on the 6th floor of a shopping mall and it was amazing! We had a wonderful waiter and some beautiful food. Our waiter asked (using a translator) if we wanted to sit near the window, so we accepted. We believe we had the best view in the restaurant! 

We ordered some food but weren’t entirely sure what we would get, but we ordered the below and all were incredible; 

BBQ pork bun – Tasted like a Cornish pasty!
Fried Noodles (left) & Spicy Beef with bean sprouts (right)
Crispy Pancake (£0.90) – Basically a topping-less Pizza

Our view was awesome, even though it was just another building, it still looked cool!
Once we finished food (which was just £11.80!) We walked back towards the hotel, but not before stopping to buy a huge slab of cake from a street vendor for £2.50.

Chocolate Cake!

This was our final full day in Shanghai and tomorrow we are leaving to our next location!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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